Answering Muhammed bin Abdul Wahab’s four principles of shirk


Propagated in public domain among the Muslim populace by a small group of individuals who couch themselves as the sole authorities of Islam, is a book with English titles “The Four Principles” or “The Four Principles of Shirk”, authored by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab . This book is presented with the impression of it being a scholarly book on Islamic fundamentals. But the reality of its content is otherwise, consisting of hollow half truths that is quite dangerously misleading and leading a number of innocent Muslims astray to the extent of causing the blood of Muslims to be violated. A wave of new protestant sects have emerged with the name of Islam, during the worst periods of Islamic history, who have made and continue to make use of these twisted notions to brand the Muslim Ummah as being polytheists. These protestant groups have broken the bounds that separated Muslims from polytheists in the process creating confusion and ambiguity on the fundamentals of Islam and opening the doors to Muslims not recognizing who a Muslim is. This has caused a number of ignorant Muslims to turn themselves against Muslims and also to stand in defiance of the Islamic tradition. They call upon Muslims to fight fellow Muslims and slanderously brand them as polytheists including their own parents who taught them Islam.

 A critical analysis of these so called “four principles” is briefly made in the following series with the intention that it provides enough beneficial information to the readers in tackling this menace, prevent innocent Muslims from being led astray and bring those who were misguided by it back to the straight path of Islam.


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