Hanbali Scholar Imam Mustafa ibn Ahmad as-Shatti confirms the Wahhabis are Khawarij

Imam Mustafa ibn Ahmad as-Shatti(1857-1929) in his work “an-Nuqul ash Shar’iyyah fir Raddi ‘al al wahhabiyyah” says:

“Let one then consider the ignorant, harsh and unforgiving people, and how they are with the Ummah of the Chosen One, peace and blessings be upon him. Take a careful look at how they release charges of kufr on the Muslims, declaring their blood and wealth licit for spilling and seizure without the necessary legal prerequisites being present while it seems clear to any of the ignorant people among their ranks. It is Ibn ‘Abdul wahhab who is responsible for this issue and other issues mentioned, who has brought about this hastily thrown together set of principles. There is nothing in these principles except manifest darkness, immense warring and tribulation. It is the creed of the people of Harura being propounded as well as the devises of Satan being used, and may Allah preserve us and the Muslims from that calamity. Amin.”


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