Debunking the Wahhabi version of “Nullifiers of Islam”

Muhammed al-Massari makes the following comment in his book “Kitab at-Tawheed”:

“Pitifully, Sheikh Muhammad bin ‘Abdul-Wahhab took the sentence that was said by the Scholar of Islam Imam Ibn Taimiyah as it is and made it the second nullification among the nullifications of Islam:

As it been mentioned in the compilations of the Sheikh and Imam Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab (vol:1. p: 212 and what follows it):

[You should know that among the greatest things that annul Islam are the following ten nullifications:

The first: associating other than Allah in the worship of Allah Alone Who does not have any partner. The proof is the Word of the Almighty Allah that means, that Allah will not pardon that partners be set up with Him, but besides that He pardons whom He pleases. Among that sort of association, slaughtering for other than Allah, such as someone who slaughters for the jinn or graves.

The second: whoever adopts intermediaries between him and the Almighty Allah, and ask them intercession will become a disbeliever unanimously.

The third: whoever did not accuse the polytheists of unbelief or doubted in their disbelief or corrected their creed would become a disbeliever unanimously.

The forth: whoever believes that other than the guidance of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is more perfect than his guidance, or that the judgment of other than his is better than his judgment, such as those who prefer the judgment of other than his judgment will become a disbeliever.

The fifth: whoever hated something among those brought by the Messenger (peace be upon him), even if he acted according to it, would become a disbeliever unanimously.
The proof is the Word of the Almighty Allah, which means, {because they hate what Allah has revealed, so He has made their deeds futile}.

The sixth: whoever mocks anything of the Religion Allah, His Reward or Punishment. The proof is the Word of Allah, which means, {Say, Is it about Allah and His Messages and His Rasul that you go on mocking?}{ Do not make excuses, you have certainly disbelieved after your belief.}

The seventh: magic, whether by pushing away or caring. Whoever does it or become pleased with it would be a disbeliever. The proof is the Word of the Almighty Allah, which means, {Nor these two teach anyone so that they should have said: We ourselves are only a trial, so do not disbelieve.}

The eighth: helping the polytheists against the Muslims. The proof is the Word of the Almighty Allah, which means, {And whoever from among you makes alliance with them, he is then one of them. Surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.}

The ninth: whoever believes that some people are not obliged to follow the Prophet (peace be upon him), and that they can leave his divine message as it was possible for Al-Khidry to leave the divine message of Moses (peace be upon him), will become a disbeliever.

The tenth: turning away from the Religion of Allah, by not learning it or acting according to it. The proof is the Word of the Almighty Allah, which means, {And who is more unjust than him to whom the Messages of his Rabb are recited, and then he turns away from that? certainly We exact retribution from the guilty.}

Regarding these nullifications, there is no difference between someone who is joking, serious or afraid, except the one who is forced. All of them are among the most dangerous and more likely to fall in. Therefore, Muslims should take care of them and fear them concerning themselves. We seek refuge with Allah from things which will procure His Anger and the His Sever Punishment. And peace be upon Muhammad],   end of the text.

There is no objection concerning the first nullification, provided that you know the sound definition of “worship”, as we have written it, and not like the definition of the Sheikh, which he hinted by saying, “slaughtering for the graves”, which is a statement without meaning. There is no one in the world who slaughters for the graves, rather the slaughtering is done for the owner of the grave. Besides, what is the belief regarding the buried?! Is it a belief that makes him a god besides Allah? Or is it other than that, such as the false or the sound beliefs? Besides, what is the meaning of slaughtering for someone? What does it aim at? In the same manner, what is the belief of the slaughterer for the jinn regarding the jinn and their nature?! Does he, for instance, believes that they are evil creatures, who cannot rid of the Ability and Authority of Allah, and who cannot escape from Him. Then when he throws his slaughtered animal to them, he will become secured from their harm, just as one become secured from the beast of prey when a carcass is thrown to it to be preoccupied with it away from the slaughterer, so that it becomes possible for him to escape? This is a dotage and not polytheism.

Some people may say that the Sheikh meant slaughtering for worship, and he did not mean anything of what you have mentioned. In response, we say that the issues of Islam, disbelief, monotheism and polytheism are so dangerous that it would not be a good idea to treat them according to suppositions, probabilities, forgeries, doubts and perhaps he meant such and such. Furthermore, what is the meaning of their statement: “He just meant slaughtering for worship”, so what is worship then? And in this manner, we circle, and you circle forever in a vicious circle of forgeries and suppositions, until the sound definition of worship would be known. The definition that is in conformity with its reality, secured from opposition and comprehensive.

By the grace of Allah, we have been blessed with the most perfect, disciplined definition for this quality. Worship: is any belief, statement, a deed of the heart, a word of the tongue or a deed of the organs, directed to him who is believed to have Godhood or Lordship of other than Allah, (even in a part or a meaning of Godhood or Lordship of other than Allah), for the purpose of drawing close and showing love, submissiveness, indicating glorification and respect, or seeking to push away the harm and bringing forth benefit and showing poverty and need, and so on.
It is impossible to call a deed of the heart, or a word of the tongue, or a deed of the organs an act of worship, except if it is preceded by belief of Godhood or Lordship of other than Allah, even in a part or a meaning of its meanings, regarding the one that deed is being directed; i.e. regarding the one drawing close is intended with that deed. As for the parts of Godhood or Lordship of other than Allah, we have previously spoke about them most of them in detail, in this book. They are properly existing matters in the one believed to possessed. They have no connection with the deeds of the worshippers, or even with the existence of he who originally believes that.

As for the rest of the nullifications that the Sheikh mentioned, some of them need additional illustration and formulation, especially the third nullification. For it is critical and ambiguous as it is, especially that the Sheikh called some people polytheists, though they are Muslims. Thus his nullification, unfortunately, became annulled.

And as for the seventh nullification; i.e. magic. It is a sheer error as it is general. We will formulate that in its section from the chapters of the practical polytheism, Allah willing.

In this manner, he also made a mistake by limiting excuse to the forced person only, without mentioning the excuses of other: ignorance, interpretation, narration, report, witness and so on. Yet, this is not the right place to formulate this issue here.

The eighth nullification is very critical, for he did not limit it to the non-Muslim warriors, or instigation of the disbelievers to wage war against the Muslims, or helping the disbelievers against the Muslims by revealing the war and security secrets of the Muslims to them. This specification is what should be done, as we have thoroughly considered it and analyzed it, by the grace of Allah, in our book, Al-Muwala wal Muada. You should refer to it, for it is generally very important, especially nowadays, since the Muslims are being exposed to one of the most fierce and evil attacks of the non-Muslim warrior and aggressor enemy: the attack of the United States of America and the Zionistic entity.”


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