The succour obtained through intercession of the Prophet despite his passing, are from the proofs of his prophethood: Imam Ibn al Salah (577H – 643H)

{…and pray for them; surely your prayer is sereneness for them…}[Quran 9:103]

Imam Abu Umar Ibn al Salah ash-Shafi, who was born a century before the scholar Ibn Taymiyya, writes :

What other art blinds its practitioner and darkens the heart to the prophethood of our Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him), while his signs are obvious, and his miracles shine bright?  In fact, one of the scholars attempted to enumerate these miracles, and counted one thousand; and even then, we consider him to have fallen short, for they are many multiples of that, and are, in fact, innumerable. They are not limited to only those that appeared at his hands during his life (peace and blessings of God be upon him); rather, they are continuously renewed after him (peace and blessings of God be upon him) with the turning of the ages; for the miracles (karamat) of the saints of his nation, and the answers to those who pray for the fulfilment of their needs by seeking intercession through him, and the succour which they find after seeking his intercession, by which they are delivered in the hour of their most dire need. . . all of these are unequivocal proofs of his greatness, and are to be counted as obvious miracles ascribed to him. As such, they have no limit!

[ Ref: Fatawa Ibn al-Salah]

How many from the Wahhabiyya dare to label the Imam a “mushrik grave worshipper” ?

Besides exposing their intellectual hypocrisy of being selective in their takfirism incapable of calling a spade a spade,  what the Imam says here is also proof of the vast disconnect between the religion of Wahhabism from the religion of Islam. The religion of Wahhabism declares intermediation and help of such nature, to be the very essence of shirk of the Meccan polytheists, and the reason why Qur’an was sent down against the polytheists. While on the contrary, the traditionalist Imam of Muslims, considers the intermediation and help that is obtained through the Prophet(peace and blessings be upon him), to be from the greatest miracles and proofs of his prophethood (infact, even greater than the philosophical/logical argumentation, according to the Imam).

Pause and reflect the deeper implications of this. The religion of Wahhabism is depriving Muslims and the humanity at large of the shining miracles and proofs of his(SAWS) prophethood. The impact of this is more greater among the laymen, as they are the ones who are not connected to any philosophical or hard scientific reasoning as basis to their belief. They are impacted instead by direct experiences they have with Muslims. And a great part of what strengthens the faith of people is resting on such direct miraculous experiences of having the prayers accepted and the dire needs fulfilled.

The head of Satan arose from Najd in the garb of a “Shaykh”, to plant the seeds that would disconnect Muslims from the Prophets and the saints of the Muslim Ummah, disconnect the community from experiencing Islam in its fullness and open the doors for skepticism and atheism to creep into the community.


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