Karramites adopt the most literal interpretation of Qur’an: Shams al-Din al-Muqaddasi (b. 334AH)

Shams Al-Deen Abu Abdallah al-Muqaddassi writes:

In regard to religious belief, the people of Syria are, for the most part, orthodox, being of those who held by Authority and Tradition…..There is a community of the Karramites at Jerusalem, who possess a cloister and a house of assembly. These latter are a sect who make great pretensions in matter of theology, jurisprudence and piety; but among themselves they dispute greatly, and in their reading of the Qur’an they adopt the most literal interpretation.

[“Description of Syria, including Palestine”  by Muqaddasi, , translated by Le Strange, Pg 66-67 ]

Note: The Karramites were a sect holding  anthropomorphist beliefs on Allah. They were named after Abu Abdullah Muhammad b. Karram.


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