The Lofty virtues of Ibn Taymiyyah’s Grave

The Wahhabiyyah are selective in what they reveal to the public when they shower upon the scholar “Ibn Taymiyah” , lofty titles and praises.  The content that they choose to hide, attacks the foundations upon which they took Ibn Taymiyyah as their undisputed leader.

Quoted below is one of the “lofty virtues” of the sand on Ibn Taymiyya’s grave . Note that the source of this narration is from someone who supported Ibn Taymiyyah and is commonly used as a source by Wahhabis themselves for pro-Ibn Taymiyya propaganda.

Abu al-‘Abbas Ahmad ibn Hijji al-Sa‘idi al-Husbani al-Dimashqi (d.816H) relates in his academic curriculum from as-Sirag ‘Ali b. ‘Abd al-Karim al-Bata’ihi al-Mizzi:

“He told me a strage story, for he said: When I was a boy, a sister of mine was stricken with an eye-disease (ramad). As we strongly believed in Ibn Taymiyah- he was colleague of my father and often used to visit him-, it entered my mind to take some earth from Ibn Taymiyah’s grave in order to make an eye powder(kuhl) for  my sister. Yet her eye-disease remained unaltered and the eye powder had no effect on her. Thus I went again to the grave, and there I found somone from Baghdad who had collected  bags full of earth. I asked him ‘What are you going to do with this ?’, and he replied, ‘I am taking it to use it for eye-disease, for I make of it an eye powder for some of my children.’ I rejoiced, ‘But do you find it effective?’ ‘Yes’, and he added that he  has experienced its effect. Hearing this, I felt reassured about my intention and took some earth from the tomb. I put the powder on mysister’s eyes while she was sleeping, and soon she was cured(from the disease).

[Ibn Nasir ad-Din ad-Dimashqi in ar-Radd al-wafir (p.136),  as translated in the book “The Living and the dead in Islam” by Werner Diem and Marco Scholler]


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