Taqi al-Din Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Fasi (b.775 AH) on a miracle at the grave of Sidi Abu Muhammed Abd ar-Razzaq


Al-Fasi(775 AH – 832 AH) in his magnum opus “Al-ʻIqd al-thamīn fī tārīkh al-Balad al-Amīn” writes:

“Abu l-‘Abbas, the son of the Imam, the eminent mystic Abu l-Hasan as-Shadili – may God have mercy on him! – often related the following: ‘I used to visit the tomb of Sidi Abu Muhammed ‘Abd ar-Razzaq (d. 595H), the companion of Abu Madyan (d. 594H). Every time I was in need of something, I would come to his tomb. Once I was in urgent need of something and thus I went to his tomb, recited a part of the Qur’an and explained the matter to him. Then I turned towards the grave, which was covered by sand(ramal), and I saw written there: Ahmad’s matter has been resolved‘”.

[Al-ʻIqd al-thamīn fī tārīkh al-Balad al-Amīn, II p. 327, as translated in “The Living and the dead in Islam” by Werner Diem and Marco Scholler]

Taqi al-Din Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Fasi  was a Muslim scholar; a Hafith, Faqih, historian, Maliki qadi (judge) in Mecca. He is best known for his works on the history of Mecca and its rulers and notable natives, which reached around 18 works.

Note: I invite the Wahhabiyyah to be consistent in their “pure tawhid” and declare him a “Qubboori”,  “Mushrik” and promoter of shirk.


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