Wahhabism and the problem of Al-Haram Al-Ibrahim

According to the Wahhabi religion, having a mausoleum or a mosque at a site where a grave exists,  is idolatrous. On account of  this peculiar belief of theirs, they legitimize the vandalism and destruction of Islamic relics, heritage and mosques . They claim to be the puritan monotheist reformers of Islam, who follow the pure Islam of early Muslims and invites the Muslim world to this pure Islam they solely possess. To them, the billions of Muslims, other than their small scattered group of Wahhabists, are either heretics or Non-Muslims who falsely delude themselves as Muslims.

But how much truth is present in any of their claims? Do they really have any connection with the early Muslims? Were there mosques with a grave within it during the early periods of Islam? Did the early Muslims declare these mosques or mausoleums as idolatrous and go on a vandalism and killing spree, as done by the Wahhabists/Salafists ?

Much can be said to falsify the assertions of theirs. But here I bring the case of  Masjid Ibrahim, also known as Al-Haram Al-Ibrahim. Below you can read the description of this Mausoleum/Masjid, recorded from the time of early Muslim historians, more than 300 years before the Ibn Taymiyya (b. 661AH/1263CE) was even born.





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