Shaykh Abdullah al-Qadumiyy al-Hanbali (1831-1912 AD) on the Incorporeality of Allah and the legality of Tawassul and Ziyarah

In his book ‘al-Manhajul-Ahmad’, Shaykh ^Abdullah al-Qaddumiyy an- Nabulsiyy al-Madaniyy said:
“One must firmly believe that Allah is not a body. Neither creations dwell in Him nor does He dwell in them. Whoever believes that the Self of Allah is everywhere or in a particular place is a blasphemer. Allah, ta^ala, is the only One Whose Existence is without a beginning, whereas the existence of everything other than Allah has a beginning. Thus, Allah exists without a place before and after He created the place”.

In his book ‘ar-Rihlatul-Hijaziyyah’, Shaykh ^Abdullah al-Qaddumiyy al-Hambaliyy al-Madaniyy said:
“Imam Ahmad and his Companions deemed making tawassul by the Prophet and/or the righteous Muslims at times of calamities permissible”.

In his book ‘ar-Rihlatul-Hijaziyyah’, Shaykh ^Abdullah al-Qaddumiyy al- Hambaliyy al-Madaniyy said:
“It is sunnah for men and women to visit our Prophet’s Grave as well as the graves of his two Companions (i.e., Abu Bakr and ^Umar) due to the abundance of religious texts that indicate its permissibility. Moreover, Islamically, there is no objection to traveling to visit the Islamic monuments and the graves of the Prophets and the righteous Muslims”.

[Courtesy of Darulfatwa of Australia]


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