Ibadhis (an off-shoot sect of the Kharijites) declare Wahhabis as Kharijites

The importance of Ibadhi-Sunni differences in traditional Ibadhi thought is manifest in an anti-Wahhabi treatise written by Abu Nabhan Ja‘id ibn Khamis al-Kharuṣi (1734/5-1822), the chief Ibadhi scholar of Oman in his generation.(8) He belonged to a family which had been instrumental in selecting and appointing numerous Imams throughout Omani history. This short piece was motivated by concern over the incursion of Wahhabis in Oman in his time. Abu Nabhan described the Wahhabis as the sect that is most dangerous to Islam.(9) But it is curious that among the bida‘ Abu Nabhan listed in his condemnation of the Wahhabis are prayer practices that are characteristically Sunni: raising the hands to the ears or clasping them during prayer, a practice he deemed “frivolous”; saying amin after the Fatiha; and saying the qunut during the fajr prayer. These practices appear to have alarmed him as much as the innovations that are more distinctively Wahhabi: declaring non-Wahhabi Muslims idolaters, killing them, enslaving their children, and plundering their wealth. Ultimately, Abu Nabhan characterized the Wahhabis as a unique combination of elements of Azraqi Kharijism and hanbalism, an entirely new sect, which, from his point of view, was un-Islamic and posed a very grave danger to Muslims everywhere.(10)


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