Tawassul of Awn ad-Din ibn Hubayra al-Hanbali (b.499H) at the grave of Maruf al-Kharki

Ibn Khallikan in his Biographical Dictionary mentions that  Shaykh Shams ad-Din Abu’l Muzaffar Yusuf Ibn Kizoghli (the grandson of Imam Abu’ Farraj Ibn al-Jawzi ), related in his work “Mirat az-Zaman”  that Ibn Hubayra al-Hanbali had given an account of himself  :

I was in such straitened circumstances that, for some days, I remained without food. One of my family then advised me to visit the tomb of Maruf al-Kharki, and there ask God’s assistance, because all prayers offered up at that tomb were fulfilled. So I went to the tomb of Maruf, prayed there and invoked (the help of God). I then retired with the intention of returning to the town (Baghdad) and I passed through Katufta (a place near Baghdad) , and there I saw a deserted mosque. I went into it for the sake of saying a prayer of two rakas, and saw there a sick man lying on a mat. I sat down by his head and asked him if he desired anything. He replied: ‘A quince’.  I went to a fruiterer’s and got for him two quince and an apple, for which I left my cloak in pledge. The man ate part of the quince and made me shut the door. When I had done so, he got off the mat and told me to dig there. I dug and found a jar. “Take it’, said he, ‘for you are more deserving of it than any other.’ (…) The jar….contained five hundred dinars…..”


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