The tradition of Meccans during the night of mid-Sha’ban


ـ[أخبار مكة في قديم الدهر وحديثه]ـ
(المؤلف: أبو عبد الله محمد بن إسحاق بن العباس المكي الفاكهي (المتوفى: 272هـ)

Al-Fakahi (d. 272) in his book Akhbaar Makkah said — roughly translated —

The practise/action/amal of people of Makkah — night of mid shaban — their ijtihad (striving) in it for it’s excellence — and people of Makkah from past upto this date (fakahi died around ~272 AH )– if it was night of mid shaban — men and women went out to mosques , to pray and do tawaf and read [Quran] whole night till the morning in the Masjid al-Haraam in order to finish the whole quran, and pray , and some from them, prayed 100 rakats and in each rakat they prayed 10 times [surah] al-fatiha and [sura] al-ikhlas and they drank zamzam water during that night ….. seeking barakah during this night and many ahadeeth are narrated in the [excellence] of this night. –end


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