Wahhabi Annual Bidah Festival: Eid ul- Janadriyyah



Wahhabi Shrine

Eid un- Janadriyah Rally

Eid ul- Janadriyah Rally

Wahhabi Mystical sword dance

Wahhabi Mystical sword dance

Seeking Ecstasy through Beats

Seeking Ecstasy through Beats

Late night Halqa

Late night hadraEvents Janadriyah Festival 2008 pic 01

Wahhabi Whirling Dervishes

Wahhabi Whirling Dervishes

Holy Relics of Wahhabism

Holy Relics of Wahhabism

DSC_2474 DSC_2457

The 28th Janadriyah Cultural Festival has Saudis, expatriates and foreign visitors alike enjoying the Kingdom’s historic past, vibrant present and, expectedly, a colorful future.




  1. We should understand Bidaah first. Bidaah means a matter that is considered as a “Piety” but infact it is not as it was not the practice of Prophet SAW and his companions. Do the “Wahabbis” say joining these festivals is a piety. Ask yourself

    1. – Its a common “Salafi” argument that there is no “Eid” besides the two Eid. Yet they themselves openly celebrate a third Eid.

      – They are celebrating in memory of various personalities of the past and even showing various relics and so on while at the same time they look down upon when Sunni Muslims celebrate the memory of their own pious ancestors of their own communities and they bomb and destroy Sunni relics.

      – You say its not “piety”. You should be asking yourself what than is it instead, and whatever it than is, is the same permissible with regards to Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) and others from the pious ancestors ?

  2. Dear

    First of all, this is to inform that it is a cultural festival rather than religious one. General public of most nations celebrate cultural festivals without considering what their scholars state about the religious position of these. Consider three below points for better understanding

    1. See the pictures, how many people are growing beards. So does it mean that Wahhabi scholars permit cutting of beard also?

    2. Ask scholars about the cultural festivals, do they consider it as an act of “piety” Definitely not.

    3. The word “Salafi” itself is incorrect as in Arabic it means “Old”, rather it should be saying as “following salaf al saleh” which means “following pious predecessors”

    1. You can call it a cultural festival or whatever you want. Its just labels. Fact is that its a festival not celebrated by Prophet (pbuh) or the sahabah or the four imams or anyone else. If a “cultural festival” was celebrated for the Islamic culture and birth of the Prophet pbuh, then we have ‘Salafis’ up in war against it. So where is the ‘Salafi’ fatwa that these festivals too are meant for hell fire and Saudi govt. is Ahlul Bidah ?

      Furthermore by indirectly trying to admit a “cultural festival” is allowed, you are admitting that “festival” by itself is not forbidden and permissible to have a festival other than that existed in the time of the Salaf. So “festival” is a permissible way of expression by default and not a religious matter by default. So its not different to driving your car to mosque or using beads for dhikr or using internet for learning the religion. So a using a permissible medium “festival” to remember the birth of the Prophet pbuh or any other Islamic activity should have no objection either.

  3. The problem is only you are confusing the main concept of Bida’h which is that if something is considered as an act of “Piety” and it do not have an existence in Prophet (PBUH) or Ashaab (RA) time as an act of “Piety”. For this festival it is not considered for piety or even as permissible by so called “Salafi” or “Wahabi” scholars nor do they celebrate(as mentioned earlier it is celebrated by general public).

    As far festival for birth of Prophet(SAW) is concerned it is celebrated (by general public and scholars) as an act for “Piety” and is considered as a religious festival as far as I know. If you have a hatred for a particular nation or government than I don’t have a solution for this problem

    1. Already answered that in my first response. Is it permissible to celebrate the birth of Prophet PBUH as a “cultural festival” and not “piety” ?

  4. The above mentioned “Wahabi Shrine” is infact “A Palace”. Even the last died king (King Fahd) was buried in a simple grave without any shrine.

    [Removed link]

    1. The palace treated as some Shrine, while the houses of Prophets and his companions are shamefully bombed. You don’t seem to understand the sarcasm in the main post.

      1. Admin, you wasting your time. For the mere fact that this is trying to be justified is shocking….A festival is an EID end off. The Wahabis can do what they like, but we will carry on with the Milad to the Last Breath,INSHA-ALLAH. AMEEN.

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