Ibn Baz attests to the takfir on the people of Egypt, Sham, Hijaz and Yemen

bin baz al-wahhabi

Ibn Baz commentary for Fathul Majid

In the book it says:

أهل مصر أعظم ءالهتهم أحمد البدوي

“The greatest of the Gods of the people of Egypt is Ahmad al-Badawi”

أهل الشام يعبدون ابن عربي

“The people of Sham worship Ibn al-Arabi”

أنتشرت في أهل الحجاز واليمن عبادة الطواغيت والأشجار والأحجار والقبور

“…people of Hijaz and Yemen worship idols, trees, stones and graves”

[Source: Commentary of Ibn Baz to the Wahhabi holy book “Fathul Majeed” Page 211]



  1. Salam alayqum wa rahmatullah wa barakaat,

    Brother would you be kind enough to provide references for this like you did with other. Your help is very much appreciated. With your help I will be able to complete and enhance my response to Wahhabi. Please could you tell me your name as well.

    1. Walaikum assalaam

      I took it from arabic forums. I now traced the reference to this book (Page 211 here): http://uqu.edu.sa/aasharaf/ar/181977

      But this is the words of the author of Fathul Majid itself and is the same as the quote in the other blogpost. But Ibn Baz makes no objection or commentary to it, and so he gives his attestation to the takfir against the Muslims of Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Hijaz and Oman.

      Thank you for asking anyway. It made me search for the direct reference rather than leaving it as it is.

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