Imam Malik recommends tawassul with the inhabitants of Jannatul Baqi

The Maliki scholar, Ibn Farhun (d. 799) , in his book “Irshad alSalik” (Pg 592) writes:

وذکر عن مالک أن فی البقیع من الصحابة-رضی الله عنهم- عشرة الاف صحابی و أما کبار التابعین وتابع تابعین فما یحصیهم الا الله تعالی ، فینبغی السلام علیهم والدعاء لهم  والتوسل بهم الی الله تعالی

Rough translation: It is narrated from Imam Malik that in Baqi are thousands of Sahabah, Tabi’in and Taba’ at-Tabi’in. One should greet them, pray for them and take them as a recourse/intercessor/means (tawassul) to Allah Ta’ala.




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