Wahhabi Kharijites treating Syrian Muslim land, wealth, property and women as war loots

“We be living nice AL-HAMDULILLAH! Uploaded a few pics of my house showing u how Allah has provided for us in the blessed land of shaam! Note this is only my house which is a one bed room.. Others have 5+ bedrooms with swimming pools etc. 

Again AL-HAMDULILLAH for the ONE who has provided for us out here as HE knows I like a little bit of Dunya with my deen lol”

“To the brothers: What are you waiting for? There are plenty of weapons here waiting for you to come and play with them. Plenty of food as a sheep gets slaughtered regularly depending on how many brothers are around, there are plenty of women here waiting to get married 😉 waiting to bare the offspring of the army of Imam Mehdi by the will of Allah and there is honour for the Muslims here.

“To the sisters: What are you waiting for? Your husbands clothes need washing! (I’m joking) but seriously what are you waiting for? You may wear your veils without being harassed, no woman is harmed here and if she is there is a harsh penalty as the woman’s honour is not to be tampered with whatsoever, there are plenty of mujahideen desiring to get married who have some of the most loving and softest characters I have ever witnessed even though they are lions in the battlefield, there are orphans here waiting for mothers to love them the way their parents would have. Come to the land of honour. You are needed here.

“We don’t just need men and money. We need communities. We are building the Islamic state. Join us as it is becoming extremely difficult to enter through the borders.”

Source: http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/syrian-jihadist-selfies-tell-us-a-lot-about-their-war

Note that opposition to these foreign Wahhabi Kharijites in Syria does not entail support for the Assadist/Hezbolite/Khomenist mercenaries.  The support is for the traditional orthodox Sunni Muslim community who have been suffering the brunt from all sides just as the Prophet (peace be upon him) prophesied to happen in end times “nations call one another to invade you as people call one another to come and eat from one bowl”.


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