Abu Zur‘a Ibn al-‘Iraqi ash-Shafii (d. 826 H) and Ibn ‘Allan al-Bakri ash-Shafii (d. 1057H) on Mawlid


Abu Zur‘a Ibn al-‘Iraqi (d. 826 AH/1423 CE), when asked whether the celebration of the mawlid was approved or disapproved (mustahsan or makruh) under Islamic law, replied that holding banquets and feeding people is always desirable (mustahabb); and, he rhetorically adds, “what if added to that is delight (al-surur) at the appearance of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) in this noble month?”[Suyuti, Husn al-maqsid, pp. 64–5; Haytami, Itmam, p. 24.]


Muhammad ‘Ali ibn ‘Allan al-Bakri, a Meccan Shafi‘i (d.1057 AH/1646–7 CE) in his mawlid work [ Kitab al-Nafahat al-‘anbariya fi mawlid sayyid al-bariya, ms. Sanaa, Awqaf Library, 4b.], writes:

Hold a mawlid for Ahmad

And you will be given [your] objectives and right guidance

Expend on it what you can

Of gifts and preparations

And know that for all of it

You will be recompensed, Immediately and on the Morrow.

[Translated by Marion Holmes Katz]


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