Wahhabi-Khawarij takfir and killing of Kurdish Sunni Muslims, destroying mosques and burning the Quran

Syria crisis: Kurds fight to keep out encroaching jihadists Kharijites 



  1. Habibi these kurd’s are PKK.. i didn’t get chance read whole story but looking at pictures are of apo on the wall.. so i wouldn’t call them sunni kurds but PKK supporters.

    1. The news article was about Kurds in general and not PKK in specific. Nor do i see any reason to justify the action of these ISIS against Kurds whether PKK or not. And they are by default Sunni Muslims like the rest of us until evidence is brought forth of their ejection from Sunni Islam. The destroying of Mosques and burning of Quran (and many more) had nothing to do with them being PKK but part of the Wahhabi program of vandalism against Sunni Islam that has been going on wherever they raise their head.

      1. when i get time i read the article properly, but looking at the pictures they had a Picture of APO the finder of PKK.. PKK is a made up group to fight against turkey and especially muslim.. Alhamdulillah there is sunni kurds but didn’t understand why they had to put that dicks picture in the article.. especially when i know pkk did destroy books and islamic books to.

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