Polytheists did not worship Allah but idols, says Ibn Taymiyya

A core principle of the Wahhabi tawhid is that polytheists are believers in Allah just like Muslims and that they worshipped Allah just like Muslims, while the difference between polytheists and Muslims according to them was that polytheists performed certain actions (like seeking help and intercession) to others besides Allah.  We have extensively responded to all of this in our refutation of  the Wahhabi principles which can be read here:  ANSWERING THE FOUR PRINCIPLES

What we have here instead is Ibn Taymiyya himself refuting the Wahhabi principle. Ibn Tamiyya in his Majmu Fatawa, while explaining the verses of the Quran {I do not worship what you worship}{Nor are you worshippers of what I worship}[109:3,4], writes:

أنهم لو عينوا الله بما ليس هو الله وقصدوا عبادة الله معتقدين أن هذا هو الله كالذين عبدوا العجل والذين عبدوا المسيح والذين يعبدون الدجال والذين يعبدون ما يعبدون من دنياهم وهواهم ومن عبد من هذه الأمة فهم عند نفوسهم إنما يعبدون الله لكن هذا المعبود الذي لهم ليس هو الله .

Rough translation: They took as Allah what is not Allah, and headed to worship Allah believing that it was Allah, like those who worshiped the calf and those who worship Christ and those who worship Dajjal, and those who worship the whims and worldly matters believing they were worshiping Allah, but these were in reality idols of theirs and not Allah.

and later says:  أنهم إذا وصفوا الله بما هو بريء منه كالصاحبة والولد والشريك وأنه فقير أو بخيل أو غير ذلك وعبدوه كذلك . فهو بريء من المعبود الذي لهؤلاء . فإن هذا ليس هو الله


Rough Translation: They described Allah with what He is innocent off like Him having a child and partner and that He was poor and stingy, and yet devoted worship (to what they considered as Allah).  Then He is innocent of their idols (they had formed in their mind through false beliefs regarding Allah).  This is not Allah.


From above we can see that the polytheists did not believe in Allah and worship Allah, but rather what they understood as Allah were some idols they had invented and not what Muslims believed in.  The Wahhabis falsely imagine that when Mushriks make reference to “Allah” it is the same Allah that Muslims believe in, when in reality “Allah” is also a generic term in the Arabic language for “God”,  just as we know even Arab Christians use the term “Allah” yet their belief regarding Allah is not the same as the Islamic belief.


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