Imam Izzuddin Ibn Abdus-salam (b.577H) on Ilham (Inspiration)

The Shafi’i scholar Izzuddin Ibn Abdis  Salam (h/1181-1262 577-660 m), known as “Sultanul Ulama” writes:

الضرب الثاني: علوم إلهامية, يكشف بها عما في القلوب, فيرى أحدهم بعينيه من ما لم الغائبات تجر العادة برؤيته, ويسمع بأذنيه ما لم تجر العادة بسماع مثله, وكذلك شمه ومسه ولمسه.
وكذلك يدرك بقلبه علوما متعلقة بالأكوان, وقد أري إبراهيم ملكوت السموات والأرض , ومنهم من يرى الملائكة والشياطين والبلاد النائية, بل ينظر إلى ما تحت الثرى, ومنهم من يرى السموات وأفلاكها وكواكبها وشمسها وقمرها على ما هي عليه, ومنهم من يرى اللوح المحفوظ ويقرأ ما فيه. وكذلك يسمع صرير الأقلام وأصوات الملائكة والجان, ويفهم أحدهم منطق الطير, فسبحان من أعزهم وأدناهم, وأذل آخرين وأقصاهم, ومن يهن الله فما له من مكرم, إن الله يفعل ما يشاء

“The second type: Science of Ilham (inspiration),  reveals what is in the hearts, one sees with his own eyes the hidden things (ghayb) which usually can not be seen, hears with his ears that cannot be heard normally, as well as smell and touch.  So his heart obtains the sciences which are connected with the universe. Ibrahim (alaihi salam) was shown the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth. And from them (awliya) are those who see angels, devils and distant lands, even see what’s under the ground. And from them are those who see the sky, its orbit, the stars, the sun and moon as they are. And from them are those who see the “Lauhul Mahfouz” (Preserved Tablet) and read what is in it. As well as hear the scraping of the pen and the voice of angels and jinn. There are those who understand the language of birds. Exalted be the One who glorified and brought them, humiliated and removed others. Whom Allah humiliated, he has no uplifting. Verily Allah does what He pleases … “.

Source: Ibn Abdus Salam’s “Qawaid al Kubra” Page 196-196 (Darul Kalyam: 1421/2000) , VIA


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