Founder of Wahhabism on the number of rakahs in Taraweeh Prayer

Muhammed bin Abdul Wahhab in his book مختصر الإنصاف والشرح الكبير writes on the taraweeh prayer:

والمختار عند أحمد: عشرون ركعة، وبه قال الشافعي. وقال مالك: ستة وثلاثون. ولنا: “أنّ عمر لما جمع الناس على أبيّ، كان يصلي بهم عشرين ركعة”.


Rough Translation:

Ahmed (bin Hanbal) said: Twenty Rakah, and this is (also) the view of al-Shafi. And Malik said: Thirty Six. And us:  That Umar (bin al-Khattab) gathered the people under Ubay bin Ka’b, and they prayed twenty rakah.


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