Wahhabi Khawarij bomb the tomb of Prophet Sheth عليه السلام

The enemies of Islam and followers of Dajjal are at it again in their apparent blasphemy by bombing the tomb that is attributed to Prophet Sheth (peace be upon him).

Video shows ISIS blowing up Prophet Sheth shrine in Mosul – Alarabiya.net

Its not a wonder why the Quran in Surah al Kahf verse 21 refers to the subject of the tombs of Ashab al-Kahf. This Surah is used as a protection from Dajjal and one can see it as an added indication that these cults of today are followers of Dajjal who have come in end times to destroy tombs, relics and everything attributed to the Prophets and that which Islam has honored: {And whoever honors the symbols of Allah – indeed, it is from the piety of hearts.} [Quran 22:32]

And this verse above shows these khawarij  lack taqwa. The believers will be having their hearts torn apart by these actions but they should also realize that its the sign of end times approaching that genuine Islamic scholars are being taken away and replaced by heretics and pseudo scholars who mislead people and that in end times even the Kaaba would be destroyed, and Madina would be destroyed and Arabs would be destroyed according to the hadiths.


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