Ibn Taymiyya on Sufis who are majdhub and what the Law regards them

Ibn Taymiyya, in his collection of fatwas entitled Majmu`at al-fatawa al-kubra (2nd Vol, p. 396-397) says the following in reference to the early sufi Abu Yazid al-Bistami (R):

This state of love is the state of many people from among the people of love to Allah and the People of Desire of Allah (Ahl al-irada). When such a person vanishes to himself in the object of his love — that is, Allah — through the intensity of his love, he will recall Allah, not recalling himself, and remember Allah, not remembering himself, and visualize Allah (yastashhid), not visualizing himself, and exist in Allah, not in himself. When he reaches that stage, he no longer feels his own existence. That is why he says in this state: ANA AL-HAQQ (I am the Truth), or subhani (Glory to Me!) and ma fi al-jubba illa Allah (there is nothing in this cloak except Allah), because he is drunk with the love of Allah and this is a pleasure and happiness that he cannot control. From such states the pen of the Law is lifted.


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