Head of Kharijites in Libya has been killed

Al Zahawi dead

Praise be to Allah, the head of the Khawarij cult group in Libya has been killed.

Libyan Militant Group Says Its Leader, Mohammed al-Zahawi, Was Killed – NY Times

Mohammed al-Zahawi, who founded his cult under the label “Ansar al-Shariah”, was responsible for a series of attacks against Ahlus Sunnah & the Sufis, including attacks against tombs of companions of the Prophet, tombs of scholars, saints and the martyrs of Islam, attacks on Islamic libraries and other Islamic and historical relics in Libya for which their Wahhabi cult religion has extreme hatred against, as well responsible for carrying out their usual practice of slaughtering and robbing Muslims and non-Muslims as a purification ritual to establish a Wahhabistan in Libya.

Some of the attacks by them in Libya include:

October 2011 – Desecration of the Al-Masry shrine in Tripoli and the extraction from their burial crypts within it of the bodies of two Muslim scholars, Abdul-Rahman al-Masri and Salem Abu Seif.

November 2011 – Sidi Nasr shrine and mosque in Tripoli was similarly damaged, again including theft of the remains of distinguished Muslim clerics.

January 2012 – fanatics wrecked the cemetery of Sidi Ubaid in Benghazi, stealing 31 corpses.

March 2012 – the Tomb of a 15th-Century scholar Abdel Salam al-Asmar in Zlitan, about 160km (100 miles) south-east of Tripoli.

July 2012 – the historic Sahaba Mosque in the eastern Libyan port of Derna was bombed and the shrine of Zuhayr Ibn Qais Al-Balawi, companion of Prophet Muhammad and Muslim military leader, was demolished.

August 2012 – Al-Shaab Al-Dahman mosque housed close to 50 Sufi graves inside and, outside, the tombs of Libyan Sufi scholar Abdullah al-Sha’ab and a martyr who fought Spanish colonialists.

August 2012 – digging out the blessed resting place of renowned 13 th century scholar and sufi, Sheikh Ahmad Zaruq in Misrata.

August 2012 – The shrine of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmari was blown up in addition to a large part of the mosque named after him, as well as burning the ancient library which held a huge number of books and manuscripts dating back centuries.

April 2013 – Bombing of the Masouleum of Sidi Mohammed al-Andulsi (b 1490)

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