Jihad of the modern day Khawarij: Mowing down random civilians with trucks

The head of one of the Kharijite sects of today, Abu Basir a.k.a Nasir al-Wuhayshi writes the following, which was published in Qaeda’s “Inspire” magazine Issue 1, back in 2010:

https s3.amazonaws.com s3.documentcloud.org documents 1392935 aqap inspire magazine volume 1.pdf

Then with that inspiration from Shaytan, the Inspire magazine in their second Issue goes into more details giving “dawa” to their followers on how to practice this ritual of mowing Jihad:

https azelin.files.wordpress.com 2010 10 inspire magazine 2.pdf

https azelin.files.wordpress.com 2010 10 inspire magazine 2 - 3

This is the so called “Jihad”, “way of the salaf”, “implementing the sharia” and “martyrdom” in the minds of these Khawarij, which obviously has nothing to do with jihad, salaf or shariah. But like possessed or sadistic psychopaths with a screw loose in their brains who randomly murder people and claim to be hearing a voice telling them to do so, these Kharijites too bring in their devlish rituals and claim it to be from Islam.

Today certain new trending factions from these cults have put up a noble face pretending to be moderates and balanced and they rouse up in anger against their splinter sub sect “Daesh” (who calls themselves ISIS) whom they accuse of being extremists, against maslaha (common good) and accuse them of being against the noble path of old school Qaeda. But fact of the matter is, Daesh is doing what Qaeda & other manifestations of their takfiri cults have been preaching and carrying out for past 20-50 years, and as always they eventually divide and make takfir of each other and kill each other.



  1. The people who come up with such things are deeply and disturbingly sick. They are devil’s donkeys, Iblees is riding them like a motorbike and steering them straight in the direction of hell. It is very creepy that people who call themselves Muslims can be so far from Islam.

  2. Our Prophet peace & blessings be upon him said, “whoever institutes an evil practice in Islam will have its sin and the sin of those who act upon it without detracting from their sins in the slightest.” (Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim)

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