After decades of causing slaughter & mayhem of Muslims another Qaeda ideologist admits failure

The modern day Kharijites deep in takfir and bidah, chased their own mirage after mirage with DIY fatwas, DIY sharia, DIY jihad and DIY caliphates/emirates backed with empty slogans, black flags and doomsday prophecy to dupe Muslims into false sense of glory and victory. What did they achieve ? Nothing except more slaughter of Muslims, more destruction of Muslim society, and more distortion of Islam. Now after decades, another Qaedist pseudo scholar / “thinker” comes out admitting their failure:

[Abdullah] Bin Mohammed believes the outcome of the jihadi effort of the last three decades justifies a change in strategy. In his article “Political Guerilla Wars,” he wrote, “The jihadi group’s main problem isn’t finding a way to fight the international system, as al-Qaeda provided an answer to this issue. The main problem is how to be able to rule under such a system. This needs political guerilla war.” He clarified his thinking, stating, “The military calculations proved to us that an open confrontation with a strong enemy like the US is military suicide. Therefore we had to go a different way in military confrontation, and in politics an open confrontation like declaring a state is also political suicide, as the West has the power to weaken us, pressure our societies, and at the end uproot us as they did in Afghanistan and Iraq. Therefore, we have to build a new strategy that can enhance our resilience.”

Read more:

Weirdly he considers the outcome of Taliban being uprooted from Afghanistan and Iraq in sectarian bloodshed under control of Iran as “[Qaeda] has found a way to fight international system”. Bin Laden was literally hiding next to Pakistan military base [this happening while they constantly love to make takfir of Pakistan] and their present leader hiding somewhere in a cave, and their followers have mostly converted to a splinter sub cult of new breed of hyper takfiris a.k.a Daesh or ISIS who are making takfir of Qaeda and slaughtering each other. Instead of repenting for all the past crimes they have did,  the Qaeda pop star floats his new strategy on how to bring about the global Qaedist world order. His new strategy unsurprisingly has nothing to do with Quran or Sunnah or Salaf but instead to engage more in taqiyya and deceit & mirrors more on the failed Muslim Brotherhood & Iranian method of coups & revolutions.

May Allah protect the Ummah from the Khawarij and their plots.



  1. The Salafi’s were started in Egypt 100 years ago by Al Afghani, Muhammad Abduh and Rashid Rida, from them the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb al Tahrir came, along with al Qaeda and ISIS.

    The wahabi’s were started in Saudi Arabia 250 years ago by a different person.

    1. There is a post on here where similar was addressed:

      The connection between the two tribes with the Khawarij & najd was noted but further connecting that to lineage of Ibn Abdul Wahhab (Mudar tribe) and Ibn Saud (Rabi’a tribe) in such precise manner mentioned in hadith, was new and eye opener.

      However im not yet convinced on the relation with Jewish tribes and would require more historical sources that it is a well known matter and not a very minor opinion.

      Also something interesting to note is that the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Sahabah suspected certain individuals who lived at their time to be Dajjal. Point being, they did expect the possibility that Dajjal would emerge from a Arab speaking Jew living amongst them in Arabia and not necessarily coming from a far off nation as many Muslims for some reason tend to take as granted because of today’s political climate. But that said, its just a possible scenario from the hadith and not an established & clear matter, and hence i wouldn’t stretch too far with it.

      (Note: I don’t vouch for the accuracy and professionalism of the video you linked)

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