Ibn Rushd al-Maliki (d. 595H) on Tarawih Prayers

Ibn Rushd on Tarawih - 0Ibn Rushd on Tarawih - 1Ibn Rushd on Tarawih - 2

  • Clearly the Tarawih prayer is not the same as the Late Night prayer (Tahajjud), and there is no disagreement about the scholars of Islam on this but instead disagreed on which had more merit.
  • The Sunna number of rakahs for Tarawih is 20 according to Shafi, Hanafi, Hanbali schools and one of the opinion among Malikis (the other Maliki opinion of 36 rakahs was explained by Maliki scholars themselves as to how it does not contracting the Sunna of 20 rakahs). The Salafi la-madhabi opinion of 8 rakahs for Tarawih prayer was completely unheard off among the scholars as it is not even cited as a position that existed among Muslims.

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