Prophet Muhammed ﷺ on Takfiri Terrorists: “He is not of me”

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From the highlighted part of the narrations above we can notice the characteristic of the people from whom the Prophet salatonmassenger has disassociated:

  • Rebellion & split from the Ummah. Which is a major trait of Takfiris. The name “Khawarij” comes from the root word  خرج that is used in this hadith.
  • Indiscriminate violence killing good and evil people alike to such extent that even the most pious are not free from their killing. Takfiris killing of scholars and pious of the Ummah are too numerous to mention here let alone their indiscriminate violence against the Ummah as a whole.
  • Violence against Non-Muslims who are under a covenant/pledge of security with Muslims. Another well known & distinct trait of Takfiri terrorists. The enormity of breaking covenants is such that in the widely reported authentic narration, the Prophet salatonmassenger said: “the asylum granted by any Muslim is to be secured by all the other Muslims, and whoever betrays a Muslim in this respect will incur the same (i.e. the curse of Allah, the angels, and all the people, none of his compulsory or optional good deeds of worship will be accepted)” ( Sahih Bukhari), and in another narration the Prophet salatonmassenger counted the breaking of covenants and treachery to be one of the four signs of a hypocrite (Sahih Bukhari).

One can positively say from the basis of this narration that our Prophet salatonmassenger has disassociated himself from these Takfiri terrorists of today, the modern day Kharijites.

Ironically, the above hadith is often quoted by Takfiris themselves however they use it to attack others as “tribalist”. But just as the Prophet salatonmassenger described the Khawarij that they read but “will not go beyond their throats”, they do not have the acumen to see the hadith is against them.


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