Answering the Four Principles

Answering Muhammed bin Abdul Wahab’s four principles of shirk


Answering MIAW’s first principle of Shirk

Answering MIAW’s second principle of Shirk

Answering MIAW’s third principle of Shirk

Answering MIAW’s fourth principle of Shirk

A summary to answering MIAW’s four principles

The four principles in light of end times tribulations



    1. Waalaikum assalaam,

      With pleasure. Even better to add more points to it that are missing or not well expressed in mine.

      (I usually edit some of the content to improve it as required. Therefore, its always possible that some minor editings are done in future.)

  1. AlHamdulillaah. We ahlussunah will make the jihad of bayan ( refuting with proofs ) against wahabis till they leave Mekka and Madina to us. Together Ash`aris will win in shaa Allaah.

  2. Salamun ‘alaykum, is this in book-form, and if not, could I have permission to put this brilliant refutation of al-Qawaa’id al-Arba’ah into book-form? Regards, your brother, Andrew sanders, the Wahhabi Threat admin.

    1. Wa alaikum as-salam

      Sorry for the late reply. Been out of station for some time.

      It is not in book form and I don’t have any such plans to do so. However I do believe there is more refinement, additional points, references that could be added to the content here and inshaallah I hope to do so overtime. So currently this is not a “final” version.

      I don’t mind anyone using any of the content here even without attribution as everything on here is based on learning from others and expanding on them. However considering the status of content is not final yet, I would say using it as a minor appendix would be more suitable.

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